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Over 2000 years of history

Vines have been treading the slopes of Régnié-Durette since antiquity.

It was Romans who introduced them to Gaul, to the Beaujolais region and to Régnié,

as shown by the discovery of the vestiges of a Gallo-Roman villa that belonged to Réginus,

the Roman noble who gave his name to the commune.

From the 11th to the 14th centuries, the Lords of Beaujeu put their stamp not only on the Beaujolais region, but also on its neighbouring regions.

In 1400, the Seigneurie of Beaujeu lost its independence. Édouard II, the last lord of the line handed his estates over to Louis of Bourbon.

In 1473, Pierre of Bourbon married Anne de France, daughter to King Louis XI, better known as Anne de Beaujeu.


In 1531, the Beaujolais region united with the French crown. The Counts of Mâcon, the Archbishops of Lyon and the Abbots of Cluny owned lands in the region and contributed to its development.

Recently, in April 2018,
The UNESCO officially awarded the region the 'World Geopark' certification,
highlighting the wealth and complexity of our
geological heritage.

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